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Applicants are asked to present their own topic suggestions, but can orientate themselves on the following topic suggestions:

Alte Geschichte (Prof. Dr. Mariette Horster)

Topic A: Wars, Battles, and Soldiers

Topic B: God, the Gods, and Battle


Alte Kirchengeschichte / Theologie (Prof. Dr. Heike Grieser)

Topic A: Redemptio captivorum and salvatio in Early Christendom

Topic B: Christians in Battle? Working Weapons? The Metaphorics of War and Battle in the New Testament and Early Christendom


Byzantinistik (Prof. Dr. Johannes Pahlitzsch)

Topic A: War as a Legitimation Resource for Byzantine Emperors

Topic B: The Manliness of Warriors: Characterising Warriors and War Heroes in Byzantium


Mittelalterliche Geschichte (Prof. Dr. Ludger Körntgen und Prof. Dr. Jörg Rogge)

Prof. Dr. Ludger Körntgen

Topic A: Warrior or Pious Man? The Image of the Ruler in Ottonian-Salian Historiography and Iconography

Topic B: War and Social Communication. The Importance of Military Leadership for Practices of Power and the Public Perception of Ottonian-Salian Emperors

Prof. Dr. Jörg Rogge

Topic A: Military Leadership as a Ruler's Obligation in High and Late Medieval Latin Europe

Topic B: For the Ruler and for Honour. Battle Speeches on the British Isles, in France and in the Holy Roman Empire (as well as in Byzantium) in the Late Middle Ages


Osteuropäische Geschichte (Prof. Dr. Jan Kusber und Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Maner)

Prof. Dr. Jan Kusber

Topic A: Byzantium as argument. Legitimizing Rule and War under Czars Ivan Groznyj, and Michail and Aleksej Romanov (16th and 17th centuries)

Topic B: The Muscovite Ruler as Military Commander (14th – 16th centuries)

Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Maner

Topic: The Phanariotes in the Danube principalities and the role of Byzantium in 18th-century strategies of legitimation


Klassische Archäologie (Prof. Dr. Heide Frielinghaus)

Topic: A Mirror of Victory: the Wounded, the Fallen, and Prisoners


Christliche Archäologie / Byzantinische Kunstgeschichte (Prof. Dr. Ute Verstegen, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Topic A: The Role of Icons and Relics in Byzantine culture of war

Topic B: Military Architecture through the Ages: Building Modifications in Late Antique and Byzantine Fortifications


Vor- und Frühgeschichte (Prof. Dr. Dieter Quast)

Topic: Protecting the Other Side: the Northern Frontier of Byzantium


Musikwissenschaft (Prof. Dr. Klaus Pietschmann)

Topic: Contra Turcos: Church Music and the Fall of Byzantium


Evangelische Theologie / Kirchengeschichte der Frühen Neuzeit (Prof. Dr. Irene Dingel)

Topic A: The Fall of Constantinople and the ‘Turkish Threat’: Theological Interpretations of the Conquest of the Byzantine Empire in Reformatory Theology

Topic B: Visions of an Apocalyptic War: the Reception of Eastern Christian Eschatological Thought in Early Modern Protestantism

Topic C: The Spiritual Struggle. The Early Modern Reception of an Early Christian Topos and its Circulation in the Euromediterranean