PhD students

Marco Büttner
Gerechtigkeit als konzeptuelle Legitimationsressource in der Propaganda der Kreuzzüge

Oana-Andreea Chiriluş
Speaking of War: Moldavian and Wallachian Perceptions of the Ottoman Threat During the Late 14th - Early 16th Centuries

Gwendolyn Döring
Studies on the Reception of Byzantine Rulers and Military Conflicts in the Italian Music Theatre of the Early Modern Period

Florian Groll
The Representation of the Military Might of the Roman Imperial Family under Augustus and Tiberius

Sophia Sonja Guthier
Varangians and Slavs as a Threat to Byzantium in 18th- and 19th-Century Russian Pictorial and Textual Culture

Egor Gvozdev
"Byzantium as an argument. Legitimizing Rule and War from rulership of Ivan Grozniy until Feodor Alekseevich (16th and 17th centuries)

Sophia Sonja Guthier

Julia Sophia Hanelt
Minted Vows – Studies on Vota Coinage on the Occasion of Imperial Anniversaries from Antoninus Pius to Justinian I (138 - 565)

Lorenz Kammerer
Academic engagement with the Crusades during the Second Hussite War

Philipp Kuhn
The Images of Roman Cavalry in Late Antiquity in the Eastern Roman Empire

Simon Mallas
War depictions and interpretations in early modern travel reports on the Ottoman Empire

Philipp Margreiter
Africam defendere. Byzantine fortifications in the North African region of Thugga in the 6th and 7th centuries

Regina Maria Molitor
Warriorship in Frontier Societies – Weapons Graves of the 4th–7th Century on the Byzantine Danube Frontier

Goldie Nagy
Epona und das Heer - Verbreitung und Bedeutung des Epona-Kultes für das römische Militärwesen und den Kulturtransfer

Deanna Pellerano
A Bio-Prosographical Study of French Musicians during the Early Italian Wars (1494-1516)

Bart Peters
Remembering Conflict: Descriptions of War in Early Medieval Italian Narratives

Michael Rapp
The Language of Peace? – Military metaphors in the writings of Tertullian

Maria Rukavichnikova
War Discourse in Times of Crisis: Authorial Strategies in Byzantine Historical Literature of the 14th century

Katharina Schoneveld
Illustrations of Military Technology in Byzantine Manuscripts: Transfer and Adaptation of Ancient Knowledge in Byzantium

Andrea Stabel (née Bersch)
Christian Symbolism on Militaria – The Christian Warrior in the Frankish Empire

Sonja Ulrich
The Historiography of War by Orosius

Eduard Visintini
Captivity, Conditional Freedom, and Bondage in a Late Antique Ecclesiastical Landscape: Discourse and Practice in Sixth- and Seventh-Century Merovingian Francia

Helen Wiedmaier
The Depiction of Men as Warriors in 14th-Century Sources - Mühldorf and Other Examples

Christos Zafeiropoulos
Descriptions of Byzantine Combatants in Written Byzantine Sources during the Reign of the First Palaiologan Emperors, 1259-1328