Associated Members

Oana-Andreea Chiriluş
Speaking of War: Moldavian and Wallachian Perceptions of the Ottoman Threat During the Late 14th - Early 16th Centuries

Gwendolyn Döring
Studies on the Reception of Byzantine Rulers and Military Conflicts in the Italian Music Theatre of the Early Modern Period

Guoda Gediminskaité
“To Wage War and Prevail Against Enemies: Testimonies of the Akathistos Hymn from Venetian Crete”

Philipp Hanelt (née Kuhn)
The Images of Roman Cavalry in Late Antiquity in the Eastern Roman Empire

Manuel Krumbiegel
The Meaning and Funcktion of Combat and War Metaphors in the Writings of Evagrius Ponticus

Dr. Tristan Schmidt
Animal image in the political discourse of the Byzantine imperial court from the late 11th to the early 13th century.

Andrea Stabel (née Bersch)
Christian Symbolism on Militaria – The Christian Warrior in the Frankish Empire

Rike Szill
Konstantinopel 1453 – Eroberung oder Fall? Geschichtskonstruktionen in den Hauptwerken der spätbyzantinischen Historiographie

Marie Emmanuelle Torres
“Musique et pouvoir à Byzance. Une approche du paysage sonore impérial, 6e-15e s.” [Music and Power in Byzantium. A first study of Imperial soundscape]

Christos Zafeiropoulos
Descriptions of Byzantine Combatants in Written Byzantine Sources during the Reign of the First Palaiologan Emperors, 1259-1328



Marko Jelusić
Digmata: Studies on the genesis, meaning and transmission of late Roman shield signs in analogy to the Notitia dignitatum.

Philipp König
"War in the Thinking and Acting of Gregory the Great".